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WoW!! Its been a long freakin time since I last wrote!!! Well im in Texas now... Not real sure how i feel about that. its really lonely here, i don't have any friends yet, just coworkers. I got a job at penny's again... i know i know, i hated it there, but i have to pay for college somehow! anyhoo theres really not much to tell.... everyday i get up and go to work, come home, go to the gym, come home take a quick swim, get up and do it all over again. other than that all i've really done is hang out with the family, esp meg, but yea... im really gettin sick of them and I CANT FREAKING WAIT UNTIL JULY 21-27 BECAUSE LAURA ANN CHARLIER AND JENNIFER LEE CHARLIER ARE COMING TO STAY WITH ME!!!! i miss the 2 of them sooo much!! I also really miss allie, sunshine, erika, and lauren everyone else i miss alot but im like going through withdraws with those 6 esp allie and lala!! holla back!
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