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My new love.....TEDDY

Well, laura is here and we are having a blast!! we went to the vista ridge mall yesterday and went shopping and today we drove to frisco and went to "sam moon" that is the best store.....they have tons and TONS of jewelry and purses and belts and wallets and all sorts of fun stuff.....i defiantly spent way to much money!! tomorrow we are going to church and the outlet mall!! i love that mall were going to eat lunch at the rainforest cafe! so cute!
anyway the BIGGEST news is that i got a CHIHUAHUA!!! he's solid white and the cutest chi ive ever seen because he has floppy ears!! he is so cute! i've named him teddy and i am madly in love with him!! right now he is 2.37 lbs and he wont get over 5lbs and hes sooooooo cute!!!
anyway he's fallen asleep on my lap and he still has to eat one more time before he has to go to bed (he eats 5 times a day!) so i have to go!
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