Katie (eekatack) wrote,

good day

Today was a pretty good day....i went to take care of colby at the foundation today and i only got to see him until 10 b/c tina (his mom) had to leave with him to see his dad in ms this weekend im really worried about her i mean colby is only 15 months old (16 months next week!) and shes never had to leave him before....she doesn't talk about his dad much so i don't know if shes seen him in a while or what.....but anyway... since colby had to leave i got to come home early then tim and i had some bagel bites then i went and saw Madison (5) and drew (2), they are my other babies!! anyway laura and i took them on a walk then drew took a nap and i was talkin to madison and ya know she started kindergarden this year and then we were writting a bunch of words together!! she shouldn't be able to write yet shes suposed to still me little!! :0( anyway im happy for her!! after their parents came home i left and laura and i watched about 25min of leagally blonde 2...thats a funny movie..then i took a nap, had dinner and now im sorta watching american wedding while i wait for laura to get off work! OH! speaking of work i need a job FOR REAL bad so if anyone knows where i can get one let me know asap!! thanks guys!
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