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Well, mary has been here since last monday. I've been taking care of her....some of yall know why others don't....if you don't you'll know soon. But at least she hasn't been that upset, i've heard it gets worse! :0S but we picked Grammie up at the airport today....the plane was definatly supposed to land at 3:16 and didn't land until like 5:20!! I'm so glad my allie called me and I talked to her for a while so the time went by pretty fast! ALLIE'S MOVING TO TEXAS TO BE WITH ME!!!!!! AND LAURA IS TOO!!! Allie is defiantly...but laura is still arguing with parentals.... they'll both move after there graduation, we'll get an apartment together and then we'll all go to university of north texas together!! Thats EXACTLY what i need are my 2 girls back!! I miss them SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo much!! anyway, i'm really excited about that!!! I can't freaking wait!!!! Anyway i have to go pretend that were a good and loving family for grammie....gag.. anyway be back later!
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